How to Buy

  • For Digital Games, you need to buy and pay by Paypal.
  • After payment made, You will receive an Key(Steam Games Product key, Origin Games Product key, Uplay Games Product Key) within an hour.
  • The Key will be dispatched to you via email (email registered under Game99Cent or Paypal Email) / The Game99cent Order History Page
  • The Order Status will change from "Processed" to "Complete" after the key send to your Order History Page, 
  • Please visit to corresponded website to download/activate your Games by using these Games Product Keys.
  • If still Don't know how to activate, please contact us by using this contact page.

For Example:

Please visit steam website for the detail:

1. You need to download & install the steam client.
2. register an account on steam client.
3. activate your game.

If still don't know how to activate/download, please visit link below for steam support:

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